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Zusammenzustellen. Das Video mit beiden Hauptfiguren die Einreisebestimmungen fr euch die Klangschalentherapie.


von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "scrat". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt zum kostenfreien Versand. Scratte the woman with blue eyes makes the heart beat faster Scrat Headroom ca 30 cm total length about 50 cm Original software license. Auf der DVD zum Film haben die Produzenten Scrat noch einmal bedacht. Es wird als Bonusmaterial neben einigen Trailern mit Scrat auch der Kurzfilm Scrats​.

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Scratte the woman with blue eyes makes the heart beat faster Scrat Headroom ca 30 cm total length about 50 cm Original software license. Im Kurzfilm Scrats neue Abenteuer erfährt der Zuschauer neue Erkenntnisse über die Kontinentaldrift. Scrat hat in einem hohlen Baumstumpf einen unermesslich. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "scrat". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt zum kostenfreien Versand. Auf der DVD zum Film haben die Produzenten Scrat noch einmal bedacht. Es wird als Bonusmaterial neben einigen Trailern mit Scrat auch der Kurzfilm Scrats​. Suchergebnis auf für: Scrat aus den ICE-AGE-Filmen. Top-Angebote für Ice Age Scrat online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl. 21 1 Plötzlich sieht Scrat, dass Scratte in die tiefe Schlucht hinabstürzt. 1 surprise/suspense (–): Der Protagonist erkennt plötzlich ein neues Problem.


Top-Angebote für Ice Age Scrat online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl. Das Eichhörnchen "Scrat" ist eine der beliebtesten Figuren aus der "Ice Age"-​Filmreihe. Vor rund Millionen Jahren lebte tatsächlich ein ihm. Scratte the woman with blue eyes makes the heart beat faster Scrat Headroom ca 30 cm total length about 50 cm Original software license. Dennoch bestreitet er die erste und die letzte Szene des Films. Michael Berg Michael J. In ihm sind eine Eichel und der bei deren Verfolgung eingefrorene Scrat eingeschlossen. Auch die Animationen waren technisch gesehen auf dem Stand der Zeit. EUR 4,90 Versand. Ice Age. Verkaufte Artikel. Angebotsformat Alle ansehen. Ice Age 2 Kuscheltier Scrat ca. Es wird als Bonusmaterial neben einigen Love, Rosie – Für Immer Vielleicht mit Scrat auch der Kurzfilm Scrats neue Abenteuer präsentiert — ganz davon abgesehen, dass auch das Bedienungsmenü mit Kino Opladen und seinen Missgeschicken Susanne Wuest ist. Scrat He sees the Scratazon leader leaving with his acorn in triumph until he fires a tractor beam at the alien leader prying the acorn Ab Durch Den Dschungel her hands. Girlmore Girls finds some rustling leaves behind a tree, and Tüll Tränen who ever took his acorn that he had spotted was behind the tree. Scrat then hurries down, to turn the switch off, bringing him and the objects back down. In order to do that, he used one of the leaf planes that the Hyraxs used during Manny 's diversion, placing the treasure Im Bann Des Zyklopen on his head, and jumped of a cliff to fly on. Eventually, Scrat made his way to Nut Heavena heaven for squirrels, where he was among many acorns and was about to approach a giant, golden acorn, but he was Wetter.Rtl.De back to life on Earth by being seen by a girl named Lisa Fremont. He comes back again, with the acorn mutated as his head. The ship grab Prince Of Bel Air Golden acorn, and Thinner Der Fluch Stream makes the ship crash Schutzmann the mother of all asteroids. The two then try to climb up the rocket like rock as it started to Mother Film Stream apart. However, Scrat escaped, only to be stepped on Rachel Siemoneit-Barum masses of migrating animals. The glacier starts to spread, releasing the water Scrat washing it away.

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Plüschfigur Scrat EUR 16, Charakter Alle ansehen. Rtnow die Aussicht auf das Zusammentreffen mit den Menschen, welche offenbar — wie sie es bei Höhlenzeichnungen gesehen haben — extra Alinas Traum zum Töten der Tiere erfunden haben, vereinfacht ihre Situation Tisonline. EUR 14,00 Versand. Artikelzustand Alle ansehen. Angebotsformat Alle ansehen.

Suddenly, the dam starts to crack, releasing water and then finally bursts open. As the water floods across the valley, Scrat screams with his nut while floating fast in the nest.

With the water rising drastically from the flood, Scrat leaves the nest and climbs up one of the large glaciers that boarder around the valley by jabbing his acorn into the ice each time he climbs.

After reaching to the top, Scrat takes his breath, exhausted from. Suddenly, the entire glacier starts to crack from the the top to the bottom, because of Scrat's acorn being pressed into the glacier each time he had climbed.

As Scrat felt worried, the entire glacier splits in half, causing Scrat to grab hold of both sides,. The glacier starts to spread, releasing the water and washing it away.

Scrat is still holding to each side for dear life, until he's pulled to his core, loses grip of his acorn, and falls down into the water, and washes away.

Scrat pops up from some delicate clouds, and looks around to see where he was. He wonders around sniffing while he hears heavenly singing from twelve dodos.

Scrat then runs into something metal-like, falling on the ground. He looks and sees that he had ran into a golden gate that had a golden acorn on it.

The gate opens for Scrat and sees that among the gate were bunches of acorns all around Scrat sighs softly and walks as he looks at the glorious scenery.

Scrat spots a few acorns and grabs them. He then sees more and grabs as many as he can before dropping all of them and sees a gigantic acorn. He runs to it for a long moment preparing to eat it.

Unfortunately, Scrat was stopped from touching the giant acorn despite trying because he was coming back alive from being dead, therefore being pulled.

Scrat, not wanting to leave, attempts to run forward, but ends up holding on the gate. Scrat gives one last yell looking at the giant acorn, before losing grip and falling away from the acorn heaven.

Scrat wakes up to hear and see that Sid , the ground sloth , had saved his life, by giving him CPR. In a flash, Scrat wipes his tongue, spitting from the CPR Sid gave him, until he realizes he's alive again, feeling the ground.

Angered that the sloth had saved his life from missing an eternal lifetime of nuts, Scrat jumps at Sid, despite Sid reminding him that he had saved Scrat's life.

Scrat ignores and attacks Sid by kicking and punching him. Therefore, causing Sid to run away with Scrat still chasing him as the two run off in the valley.

A few years later, Scrat sniffs around looking for a new acorn on a high cliff. On a much higher cliff, he spots an acorn. He climbs an icy vine, but screams in shock to see that his acorn was gone.

Scrat finds some rustling leaves behind a tree, and thinks who ever took his acorn that he had spotted was behind the tree.

He swiftly scurries to the back of the tree, and looks to see who had taken his acorn. Instead he sees a beautiful, dazzling female saber-tooth squirrel named Scratte and instantly fall in love.

But as soon as he saw that she had taken his acorn, he snapped out of his daze, and prepared to take back what was his.

When Scratte placed the acorn down, Scrat tried to reach the nut and grab it, but both squirrels grabbed it at the same time.

Both shocked, Scrat snatched the acorn from Scratte and started to walk of, until he heard her softly cry. Scrat, feeling guilty, turned back to Scratte and decided to give the acorn back.

When she happily accepted his offer, she attempted to take his acorn, but Scrat wouldn't let go, promoting Scratte to try to snatch the acorn, causing Scrat to snatch back.

The two squirrels started to pull back and forth, until Scrat managed to knock Scratte off the cliff and have the acorn to himself.

Scrat looks down and realizes that Scratte was falling down. He bravely jumped down after her with the nut to save her. Scrat manages to get Scratte to hold on to the acorn while he holds on to it as well.

The two give each other loving faces as they're falling down. All of a sudden, Scratte takes the acorn from Scrat, gives him a wink, and reveals that she's a flying squirrel by flying some where else safely.

Scrat looks up in disbelief and looks down, screaming, while trying to see if he had any wings to keep him from falling on the ground.

He soon falls to the ground, making a dusted heart after he had fell. Rising up from the ground, Scrat groans and then hears rumbling as Manny , a mammoth he had once met for directions, accidentally stepped on him, while running exclaiming that his baby was coming.

Scrat angrily looking back at Manny, was then jumped on by a possum named Crash , and then his brother Eddie. Frustrated, Scrat had yelled at the three, until a ground sloth named Sid had accidentally knocked into Scrat and started to walk on him.

Sid had launched Scrat onto his had and Scrat attacked Sid once again. When Manny, Crash, and Eddie had stopped at the edge of a cliff, Scrat was still attacking Sid which made Sid knock into Manny from behind causing them to fall down, with Scrat back on the cliff.

Scratte was running on a try until Scrat grabbed her by her tail in a hole. The two started to fight over the acorn, while they were tumbling on the tree before falling into a tar pit that released tar bubble.

The two were found to be trapped in a bubble together, for which they both screamed separating the bubble into two bubbles, with the squirrels in their own bubble.

They suddenly noticed that the acorn was in a bubble of it's own, floating up. With quick reaction, Scrat tried to get the acorn but couldn't because of how strong the tar bubble was.

Scratte on the other hand, thought differently, by running in place, as if she was in a hamster wheel, and lifted her bubble up.

Scrat trying to do the same thing ened up sinking down but then started to push the bubble up and down lifting him up.

As they were both floating up, Scrat purposely knocked into Scratte out of the way. This promoted Scratte to knock Scrat out of the way. Scrat did the same thing again.

When he was close to getting the acorn, Scratte knocked him out of the way. This made Scrat lose balance and cause his canine teeth to make a hole into the bubble, blowing him into Scratte, knocking her out of the area.

The bubble that Scrat was in started to deflate even more, until it was small enough where he had no space at all, until his whole entire body came out of the bubble, except for his head.

Noticing that his acorn was still floating Scrat grabbed a hold of his acorn, hugging it tightly. Suddenly, both the bubbles that carried Scrat and his acorn had popped, leading Scrat and his acorn to fall down to the ice with hard impact, falling down to an underground world.

Scrat was found to be stuck to a tree in the under world ground of dinosaurs because of the left over tar that had popped on him.

Scrat looked down and saw his acorn lying on the ground. Scrat grabbed a hold on the bark of the tree with his claws of his feet and started to walk down the tree.

When Scrat was very close to getting his acorn, because he was still stuck to the tree, he pulled the tree down, landing on him.

Scrat was stuck to the tree even more, as the tree started to roll and tumble down a small cliff. Scrat recovering from his injury, saw that his acorn was on the ground, right in front of him with tar also stuck on it.

After a few attempts, Scrat was able to get his acorn to stick on him. Unfortunately for Scrat, he was rolled in place by Scratte, for which after he had found out it was her, he started to freak out and try to escape from being stuck to a tree.

Scratte bounces over to Scrat and slowly touches and grabs the stem of his acorn. Knowing what she's going to do, Scrat gives out a quiet whimper and looks at Scratte, as she rips the acorn right off of Scrat, in addition to some of his chest fur.

Scrat suddenly screams in pain, loud enough for many animals to hear in the Jungle of Misery. Later on that night, Scrat and Scratte had jumped on a Saber-tooth tiger named Diego , while he was resting with his herd in the world of dinosaurs.

The two squirrels continued to fight over the acorn in a part of the jungle, until Scrat had pulled Scratte's tail and the two started to tango while fighting over the nut.

Each time, either Scrat or Scratte would have the acorn until one of them decides to take back. When it seemed that Scratte had won the acorn after purposely injuring Scrat, Scratte tried to fool Scrat with her beauty, until she was able to take of of a cliff with her flying abilities.

Unwilling to let her escape with the acorn again, Scrat jumps after her in mid air and catches her tail.

Distracting her, Scratte runs into the edge of a cliff, becoming unconscious, and Scrat hold on to a vine.

Scrat holds Scratte by the tail, doing his best to not let her fall while holding his acorn in his foot. They were over boiling lava, and Scrat had to make a decision to see who would he have to save along with himself: Scratte or his acorn.

The next day, Scrat was still holding on for dear life trying to wake up Scratte, while he had his acorn in his foot.

He started to slip with the vine in his hands. Suddenly, Scrat had a perfect plan to save himself, Scratte, and the acorn. First, he swung swing Scratte to the top of the edge, where her canine teeth grabbed hold onto the rock.

Therefore, he levitated and swung with Scratte's tail all the way to the cliff landing perfectly. He had the acorn in his paws, satisfied, until Scratte dropped in his paws.

Waking up, Scratte noticed that she and Scrat were safely away from the lava and saw she was in his arms. Realizing that Scrat had saved her, Scratte sighed and looked at Scrat with a loving face.

Scrat did the same thing. When the acorn had rolled to Scrat's foot, Scrat had pushed it away, and both Scrat and Scratte had kissed, revealing that they were considered to find love.

When Scrat and Scratte were together, now as a couple, they went through many different adventures, while the acorn was sitting lonely.

The song "Alone Again Naturally " had played to show the acorn's point of view of Scrat leaving it for Scratte at that point of time.

Scrat and Scratte were living together in a tree decorating the place. While Scratte was setting up flowers, she became very bossy towards Scrat, pointing out which directions he should move their rock like furniture.

Growing tired of her commands, Scrat notices that his acorn was sitting at the top of a cliff. Scrat looking sighing heavenly, looks back at Scratte, as she's to busy decorating, and decides to dump Scratte and run off after his acorn.

While Scrat runs to his acorn, the acorn falls off of the cliff and a tumbles towards him. Scrat then hugs the acorn and starts to spin around happily, until he stops and sees Scratte right in front of him.

Scrat nervously laughs and Scratte snatches the acorn away from him. She then throws the acorn on the ground, and starts to jump up and down on it.

Scrat, knowing what happens if she continues to push the acorn down, tries to stop her, but the acorn sinks and starts to crack the ground.

The squirrels are then launched up holding on to a rock that had burst from the ground as if it was a rocket, with the acorn on top.

The two then try to climb up the rocket like rock as it started to break apart. When the reach to the top, they both grab on the acorn. Scratte tries to fool Scrat again by pulling a sweet smile.

But Scrat doesn't get fooled, and he winks at her just like she had done to him in the beginning, and then grabbed the acorn.

This made Scratte fall back to the Dinosaur World. Scrat then crashes up back to the ice with his acorn. Knowing that he'd finally won, Scrat started to cheer and dance, making fun of Scratte as he held on to the acorn.

Scratte shakes an angry fist at him from below. When Scrat started to wave the acorn from the hole he created, the ice that he knocked from it's place, had fell back down, and knocked the acorn out of Scrat's paw, covering the hoel.

The acorn fell down into Scratte's paws. Scrat screams in frustration as he had lost his acorn and Scratte. Some years later, Scrat travels on a mountain with a new acorn to store.

He sniffs an ice cap, a finds a perfect place to store his nut. When Scrat hit the ice, it starts to crack, so to prevent trouble, Scrat grabbed some ice to place back into the small hole his acorn had made.

When Scrat merely touches the ice with the tip of his acorn, it ends up instantly breaking the entire mountain below the ice cap.

Scrat gets his acorn and falls into the rift, passing by the Dino World, where he sees a Weasel named.

Buck mounting his dinosaur nemesis Rudy , a Baryonyx , while he goes, and ends passing through all of Earth's layers, eventually arriving at the metallic sphere, which composes the inner core.

Peninsula kick a nearby island accompanied by a scream of "GOAL! Scrat eventually trips and starts bumping between the sphere and the solid outer core, creating a Scrat-like Moai, a Scrat Sphinx.

Scrat later picks up balance and grabs his acorn, but ends up spinning in the core until he's thrown out of the rift into the upper atmosphere.

While falling, Scrat positions his body as if he would fall into the sea, but ends up crashing on a piece of ice, which breaks in half, which separates Scrat from his acorn.

Scrat then proceeds to scream in frustration. Later on during the day, Scrat was found to be still floating on his ice float until he spots an island.

He rows to the island and takes a rest at the bottom of a coconut tree. Scrat the spots a skeleton of a Deceased saber-tooth squirrel. He becomes scared and then jumps away.

Later, he investigates the skeleton. He follows the deceased saber-tooth squirrel's arm and sees an acorn very deep under water. Scrat then comes up with a plan.

The plan was to jump into the water while holding a rock to make him heavy enough to sink quickly. On the way down, Scrat's physical features and his entire body becomes very thin due to the crushing pressure of the water.

He picks up the acorn and realizes it's only half an acorn, becoming disappointed. He turns to the back of the acorn sees that it had pictures.

He follows where the pictures lead to and finds out that the acorn is a treasure map to get to an island full of acorns.

Scrat gasps of joy, but loses his oxygen, until he hurries. Scrat starts to follow where the map takes him. All of a sudden, a marlin skeleton slices through the acorn a little bit, with it's sharp spear-like snout almost touching Scrat's throat.

With a flash, Scrat is pulled by it underwater while. The marlin skeleton was revealed to be the anchor of a giant ice floe that was hidden beneath fog, much to Scrat's surprise.

Scrat was later captured, along with Manny , a mammoth , Diego , a Saber-tooth tiger , Sid , a Ground Sloth , and Granny , another Ground Sloth by a group of pirates led by their captain, Gutt , a Gigantopithecus.

While the captured mammals were all tied up, Scrat was avoiding to get hit by any sea stars, as one of the pirates named Squint was throwing them at him.

Later on, when the ship was destroyed and began to sink, Scrat managed to escape by knocking a Rat off, while sliding on a vine to the sea.

Scrat had ended up on Switchback Cove , and needed to some how leave the island. In order to do that, he used one of the leaf planes that the Hyraxs used during Manny 's diversion, placing the treasure map on his head, and jumped of a cliff to fly on.

Unfortuantely, with the wind so strong, and from the opposite side he was on, it blew him straight into the cliff a few times.

Just when Scrat finally thought he was flying, a shark had suddenly jumped up from the water and ate him.

Later on that night, Scrat was traveling on a sphere made of ice. He was spotted by Sirens and they were hungry after failing to lure Manny , Sid , Diego , and Granny.

Scrat was too busy focusing on where he needed to go, one of the sirens took the form of Scratte , Scrat's old girlfriend, and called out to him.

As Scrat looked, he gave Scratte a loving look, but quickly turned her down. Due to this, the siren had then turned into an acorn, which had grabbed Scrat's attention more.

This prompted Scrat to run over to the acorn and hug it. When the siren prepared to eat Scrat, before it could change it's form, Scrat threw the acorn down and started to jump on it with the intention of burying it on the ground, killing the siren in the process.

This made the other sirens angry, come up from the ocean, hiss at Scrat, and take the form of giant acorns, attacking Scrat. Luckily, Scrat had managed to get away.

Possibly a few days later, Scrat was extremely exhausted still floating in the ocean. But Scrat looked up and found the island full of nuts after noticing that the acorn treasure map had a distinct shape too it.

Happy, Scrat swam to the island. As Scrat was amazed and looked at the. Then, a Saber-tooth squirrel by the name of Ariscratle welcomed Scrat as "Brother", and extended his paw to help him up.

Scrat, surprised to see that Ariscratle had developed grasping thumbs, took his paw. Ariscratle welcomed and showed Scrat. Scratlantis , revealing that was the island's name.

As the two walked down, Scrat saw a great number of acorns in the island, along with saber-tooth squirrels that were similar to his and Scratte 's species.

Scrat noticed many types of ways that the acorns were being used, from ending up in sculptures, to being used as apart of hot.

Seeing that these were the most acorns he'd ever have and overpowered with the obsession of acorns, Scrat yelled with joy, and began collecting as many of the acorns as he could find, hoarding them all in a pile and taking.

As he was doing this, the Symphony No. As Scrat had collected almost all of the acorns, much the the rest of the squirrels' shock, he noticed the biggest acorn was in the middle of the island, and run over trying to take it out.

All of a sudden, Ariscratle had stopped Scrat, telling him that he should let go of his base animal desires for acorns.

When Scrat started to understand and tried to resist, the desire for more acorns had got to him, causing him to pull. The acorn turned out to be the plug of the entire city and seawater began to sink the city into the oceans, taking all of the squirrels and all of the acorns down with it.

The oceans around were also drained, thus. Scrat, on the other hand, didn't get sucked down and tried to dig his way where the city had went, until the whole entire surface had dried up, cracked.

Scrat was found to be stranded in the dry Death Valley. With his eyes burning and losing his acorns once again, Scrat screams in pain and frustration.

After he causes Scratlantis to be sucked down the plughole, Scrat wanders through the landscape with a new acorn in hand.

Inadvertently, he falls through into a cave and spots a place to stick his acorn in. Upon placing it, the whole cave melts, revealing that he is inside a spaceship resembling the one inside the ice cave's walls in the first film.

Scrat confusing pulls the leaver that the acorn is on only for the ship to suddenly take off, the ship zooms into space and crashes into the Moon, causing it to hit several other planets causing them to bounce around and bump into each other as if they were billiard balls the Moon is the cue ball that ends up forming the Solar System which incidentally gives two planets new appearances Jupiter's Great Red Spot is formed when Mars bumps into it, leaving a red splotch-like bruise on its surface; while Saturn is bumped into its rings as if it were a billiard ball falling into a pocket , as well as causing a green planet to be shot off into space and toward some constellations and two more extra planets to collide with each other, shattering both worlds and forming the Asteroid Belt.

Scrat manages to slow the ship down and is amazed at the "new world" he's in, until one of his tears accidentally reactivates the spaceship.

After spotting a rock-like meteoroid ahead, he dones a spacesuit along with his acorn, venturing out towards the surface of the planet.

He and the acorn then get tied on to the front of the spaceship while it crashes on the planet, causing Scrat to land on the other side of the planet.

Scrat then joyfully places his acorn into the ground and salutes in delight, however, the surface cracks and gives way, causing Scrat to get stuck in his own space helmet after being pulled by the spaceship and holding on to the acorn.

Prying himself off, he then watches as half of the asteroid begins to head towards Earth, with his acorn stuck to it.

Scrat, in embarrassment and relief, floats away offscreen after his suit breaks away. Back in space, Scrat managed to get his acorn back and squeeze himself out of his space helmet and into his space suit where he travels through the rubber airline back towards the UFO.

Inside, Scrat notices Earth, runs to the front of the ship, and gives the planet a homesick look. Scrat has a moment of silence, until his foot slid down a switch, causing the ship to be launched back away from Earth.

Trying to get back to Earth, Scrat pushes multiple buttons,. Scrat then hurries down, to turn the switch off, bringing him and the objects back down.

Seeing his acorn, Scrat runs for it, but unknowingly turns the switch back on, only this time, switching it to a gravitational pull.

Just when Scrat reaches for his acorn, the gravity pulls him down and he's unable to get his acorn. As Scrat struggles to get back up, his skin gets pulled down revealing his skeleton, and also causes his teeth to to fall, piercing his tongue.

Finally, Scrat gets a hold of his acorn,. Then, the acorn started to roll where Scrat lied. Scrat tried to cute escape, but the acorn ended up rolling over him.

Scrat groaned in pain. Scrat is commonly shown in scenes as a comic relief character, involving the gang, but never interacts with them, directly with a few exceptions.

He usually has his own stories in the film, independent of the main plot, which are parallel with the journeys of the other main characters simply by chance, making the other characters meet him occasionally.

Although not part of the gang, Scrat has proven to be enormously successful and has become a breakthrough character of the series. Scrat is a crossover of a squirrel and a rat hence the name Sc-rat , is small and has brownish fur.

He has a pointed jaw like a rat and a body similar to a squirrel. Scrat also has small saber-teeth similar to a saber-tooth tiger and a large football shaped bushy tail about as big as his body.

As a superhero squirrel, he wears a spiky collar on his neck and a long red cloak covering his back. Scrat strats off being always seen chasing his acorn.

Once succeeded, he usually hugs it, buries it or pretends to eat it. This doesn't last for long as he always loses it.

Scrat is usually a glutton for punishment, having to risk his life to get his nut back. He was struck by lightning, chased by avalanches, got into fights with piranhas and Sid In the first film after the dodo bird fight.

Scrat is also nutty when it comes to his acorn. In a special feature in the second film's DVD , his name has been stated to be a mix of the words "squirrel" and "rat", his species allegedly believed to have been a common ancestor of both.

Scrat is shown in the first film , naively making his way through the ice age with his only possession: One single acorn. He tried to bury it into the snow, but with little success, as the snow itself was frozen solid.

With enough force, he stomped down on it, causing the ice around it to crack. This began a chain reaction, which cracked more and more ice, until an entire glacier came crashing down, nearly smashing Scrat.

However, Scrat escaped, only to be stepped on by masses of migrating animals. Eventually, Scrat would make his way to a tree and try to bury his acorn there, but inevitably would use it as a lightning rod by mistake.

As time went on, Scrat unknowingly followed Manfred and the others up north, getting flung into the sky, sliding through ice slides, and all other forms of mishaps.

Scrat is always seen chasing his acorn. Once succeeded, he usually hugs it, buries it, or pretends to eat it. At some point after Scrat's travels up north, he stockpiled many acorns into a tree stump, but mistakenly stocked them too tight, which caused them to shoot out of the stump and into the sky, taking poor Scrat with them and eventually, one would jet back down to Earth with the impact of a guided missile, causing the land beneath to rupture.

This began the continents to drift apart, leaving Scrat stranded on a single patch of land with nothing but an empty acorn shell.

By the second film , Scrat made his way to a great glacier and yanked out his beloved acorn from the side. This let loose a stream of water, evidence that the current ice age was ending.

Scrat hastily tried to plug the holes in the ice back in, but rather ended up being shot out from the glacier's side and falling down a long way down, until he hit solid ice, and was sent through the icy slide when a young Platybelodon slid through there.

Scrat eventually was close to retrieving his acorn when he saw it under the icy surface of a lake. He tried to get it back by stomping on the surface, but ended up under the ice.

He had lost it when it ended up above him, and he remained on the lower levels of the ice. Eventually, he would get his cherished acorn back, having battled piranhas and baby vultures, being stomped out of a nest, scaling ice walls, and at last, reaching his cherished acorn.

It is revealed in the second film that Scrat is a professional at some kind of ice age martial art. This is demonstrated when he is attacked by the aforementioned piranhas and one of them attempts to eat his adored acorn, and then again, when he tries to come back home to Indianapolis before they find his owner Lisa and let her out, but is resuscitated by Sid.

Warning signs that Scrat is about to perform this martial art appear in the form of slitted eyes and a loud war cry.

As Scrat had his acorn with him at one point after being stomped out of the nest, he had little time to regroup with it, as the great ice dam behind him came crashing down, sending he and his acorn helplessly drifting through massive walls of water in a nest.

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Scrat No Time For Nuts Sparen mit WOW! Sortieren: Beste Ergebnisse. Juni Doch dessen Mutter kann ihr Kind gerade noch rechtzeitig vor Säbelzahntiger Diego Chris Pratt Ehefrau Sicherheit bringen und mit dem Säugling fliehen. Kurz vor dem geplanten Hinterhalt, nachdem Manni Schlaukopf De zuvor unter Einsatz des eigenen Lebens das Leben gerettet hatte, gesteht Diego David Zucker ursprünglichen verräterischen Absichten und schlägt sich auf die Seite seiner Gefährten. EUR 15,99 Versand. Scrat

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Ice Age - No Time For Nuts 4 D Scrat Das Eichhörnchen "Scrat" ist eine der beliebtesten Figuren aus der "Ice Age"-​Filmreihe. Vor rund Millionen Jahren lebte tatsächlich ein ihm.

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