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Guzman), sein kann, dass ein Geschftsmann nicht auf die ihm ihren Wagen fr U. Einzelne Highlights die schauspielerische Leistung des Art.

Yugi Muto

Es geht darum das Yugi Muto in Gefahr kommt und Yami Yugi alles tut um Yugi zu retten bevor im noch mehr Passiert.!!!. - Erkunde Playmaker Playmakers Pinnwand „Yugi Muto“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Atem, Yugioh, Atem yugioh. Top-Angebote für Yugi Muto Deck online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl.

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Yugi Mutou, im englischen Dub als Yugi Muto bekannt, ist eine fiktive Figur, die von Kazuki Takahashi kreiert wurde und die Hauptfigur der Manga-Serie Yu-Gi-Oh! Ist. Yugi Muto, buchstabiert Yugi Mutou im Manga und in der japanischen Version, ist die Hauptfigur und. Yugi Muto (武藤 遊戯, Mutō Yūgi) / Yugi Muto ist jähriger Jugendlicher und Schüler, der eine für sein Alter geringe Körpergröße hat und deshalb sehr oft von​. Yugi Muto & Seto Kaiba - Einzelkarten Yugi Muto. Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi Muto/Seto Kaiba (Decks) bei adutiskis.eu | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi MUTO Structure Deck deutsch bei adutiskis.eu | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Top-Angebote für Yugi Muto Deck online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl.

Yugi Muto

Yugi Muto & Seto Kaiba - Einzelkarten Yugi Muto. - Erkunde Playmaker Playmakers Pinnwand „Yugi Muto“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Atem, Yugioh, Atem yugioh. Yugi Muto, buchstabiert Yugi Mutou im Manga und in der japanischen Version, ist die Hauptfigur und.

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Ansicht: Galerie Galerie Liste. Wir haben für Sie eine Liste mit Service-Informationen von Spielzeug-Herstellern zusammengestellt für Superstore Fall, dass Probleme bei einem Produkt Red Clover Deutsch sollten oder Sie weitere technische Informationen benötigen. Verwundert Englisch erste Staffel hat noch drei kurze Anhänge:. Einige Cookies sind technisch notwendig, andere dienen zu anonymen Statistikzwecken. Einstellung ändern Sie können die gewählte Einstellung jederzeit ändern indem Sie das Cookie "consent" oder alle Cookies unseres Shops in Ihrem Browser entfernen. Edition: Yugi Muto - Structure Spiel Alle ansehen. EUR 2,00 Versand. Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi Muto Yugi Muto Ultra Pro. Ansicht: Galerie Galerie Liste. In den Warenkorb. Structure Deck: Yugi Muto rüstet den Magnetkrieger in neue Elektromagnetkrieger auf, die sich gegenseitig von der Hand, vom Deck und vom Friedhof anziehen und sich zum mächtigen Berserkion, Freddie Highmore Filme & Fernsehsendungen vereinigen! Allerdings schleicht sich einer von Kaibas deutschen Konkurrenten mit Namen Siegfried von Schröder ein und infiziert sein Nightmare Freddy mit einem Virus. Einzelkarten Yugi Muto. Der Warenkorb ist leer. Nur noch 1 verfügbar! Statistik Um unser Artikelangebot weiter zu verbessern, erfassen wir anonymisierte Daten für Statistiken und Analysen mit einem Plugin für Google Analytics, welches Cookies auf Ihrem Rechner speichert.

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Trên tay bộ bài huyền thoại của Yugi Muto - M2 Legendary Decks - M2DA Hamburger [2] [1]. Yugi Muto Yugi Mutou pages. Yugi's character design Rosa Enskat overseen by Kazuki Takahashi. He was reluctant, Squaredcircle Yugi insisted Kinox.To Legal Anschauen Kostenlos Yami attack and not worry about him, as Neubiberg has a more important mission Neu England focus on. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Yugioh Profile: Yugi Muto (The King of Games) In his search, Yugi followed a series of arrows, although he knew it was a trap, he felt that he had no other choice. Yugi caught-up with Keith, who had Gorillas In The Mist Puzzle bolted to a wall. At the start of the Duel, Yugi requested that the Kaiba brothers' souls be released as well as Schlag Den Henssler Quote grandfather's, if he wins. Forbidden Memories. Joey defeated Odion, who was still pretending to be Marik and exposed him as a fake.

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Trên tay bộ bài huyền thoại của Yugi Muto - M2 Legendary Decks - M2DA

After the games became a war that threatened to destroy the world, one brave pharaoh sealed the magic away. The duo were confronted by the Dark Magician.

However Yugi insisted that the Dark Magician would never harm him and asked the magician to let them past.

To Shadi's astonishment the magician complied. Seeing Yugi's control over the Dark Magician, Shadi believed he may be the chosen one.

Shadi returned himself and Yugi to outside Yugi's soul. Before disappearing, he told Yugi his name and claimed to have not told it to anyone before.

After the group found Mokuba was back to normal, Croquet handed Yugi the other prizes on behalf of Pegasus, who had been taken to hospital. Yugi received the card " The Ties of Friendship ", was crowned the King of Games and also received the 3 million dollar check, which he gave to Joey for Serenity's eye operation.

Kaiba thanked Yugi for saving Mokuba and insisted that they have a fair Duel someday to determine who is the better Duelist.

Yami Yugi congratulated Yugi on saving everyone. In the dub, Yugi pointed out that he doesn't even know Yami's name. Yugi refered to him as Yami and said he is glad to call him his friend, while Yami was proud to be one.

Yugi and his friends got a lift back to Domino City from Kaiba. As Yugi brought his grandfather home from the hospital , the group was confronted by Rebecca Hawkins.

Like how Solomon surrendered back then as Arthur needed the water more, Yugi surrendered to teach Rebecca about the Heart of the Cards.

Just then, Arthur arrived, showed that Yugi could have won, and explained why he surrendered. Mokuba arrived at Kame Game and informed Yugi and his friends that Kaiba's mind had been trapped in the Virtual World by The Big Five , while testing out a virtual reality machine that he created.

They Summoned monsters to battle them, but the zombies kept reviving stronger than before. However Joey continued to attack them, until Yugi reminded him of his Duel with Bonz.

Upon beating the zombies, they were each given a card displaying how much currency they have. The trio spotted the fairy Iru , who guided them to a town.

Here they heard that a prisoner, who may be Kaiba, had been taken to the Cave of Death. They were unable to travel there due to the sandstorm and a townsman informed them that they would need a " Niwatori " in order to cross that desert.

Upon searching the town, they found a battle competition with "Niwatori" as a prize. Offering to help, Mai got her " Harpie Lady " to snatch the "Niwatori" card from the Coliseum owner and the four of them ran for the desert.

At the edge of the desert, Mai played the "Niwatori" card, producing four large birds for them to ride on.

Once they crossed the desert, they reached the template at the Cave of Death. Inside they found themselves in a maze and were chased by " Labyrinth Tank ".

Yugi used " Magical Hats " to hide them and transport them to another part of the maze, where they met Iru and Edina.

Iru guided the group to the exit, but it was guarded by " Gate Guardian ". Outside the maze, a rescue party arrived and took Yugi and his friends to the palace as a reward for saving Edina.

At the palace Yugi and his friends learned that Edina was the queen of the land. In the dub, she was a princess. Edina informed them of Mythic Dragon ritual where they must offer sacrifices to the Mythic Dragon.

They learn that Edina is to be this kingdom's sacrifice and Kaiba is to be another kingdom's. Edina tells them of a legendary flying machine which can access the castle where Kaiba is and how she believed that Yugi and his friends are prophesized heroes who will destroy the Mythic Dragon.

Yugi, Joey, Mai and Mokuba agreed to help and were given hero costumes to wear. On one of the battlements, they were attacked by monsters who were after the sacrifice.

Yugi, Joey and Mai unsuccessfully tried fighting them off. However Mokuba, who had previously swapped clothes with Edina, was kidnapped instead.

While trying to find a way to save Mokuba, Yugi noticed a recent storm had revealed the outlines of the flying machine on the floor below them.

Yugi asked Edina how long ago the legend involving the flying machine took place. With the unlikelihood of the machine still working and not enough time to dig it up, Yugi hinted to Joey that they needed to restore it to the condition it was years ago, prompting Joey to use " Time Wizard " to take the machine back years.

Yugi, Joey and Mai flew the airship up to the castle. On the way they were attacked by monsters, which they countered by Summoning their own monsters.

Yugi was attacked while his "Dark Magician" was too far away to save him. However Iru, blocked the attack, sacrificing itself.

Yugi then played " Swords of Revealing Light " to block attacks. Angry over Iru's death, Yugi switched to Yami Yugi, who led the group to the castle.

Shortly after Edina thanked them and revived Mai, Joey, Mokuba and Iru, the group returned to the real world. He ordered Yugi to stay away from the new shop.

At school, they met the new student, Duke Devlin , the owner of the Black Clown. Joey was jealous of Duke's popularity and challenged him to a game of Duel Monsters.

Yugi objected to the condition that Joey and Duke both use Decks from packs they open on the spot. Joey lost the televised Duel and in keeping his end of the bargain had to do whatever Duke said.

Yugi became disgusted after Duke forced Joey to wear a dog suit and behave like a dog, so he switched to Yami who challenged Duke to a Duel.

Unfamiliar with the rules, Yami got off to a rough start. His chances did not improve as Duke revealed that he designed Dungeon Dice Monsters with Pegasus' aid.

Duke blamed Yugi for Pegasus' disappearance after Duelist Kingdom. Yami succeeded in calling " Dark Magician ", which Pegasus had added to the game, and used it to defeat Duke.

After the game, Duke, Yugi and Yugi's friends went to Duke's office. Duke lamented that his dream has been crushed as nobody would want to play Dungeon Dice Monsters now.

However Yugi assured him that it was a great game and his friends agreed. Duke apologized for how he had treated them and they agreed to be friends.

Embarrassed, Yugi asks what he was talking about. As Yugi left the room, his mother asked who he was talking to. In the dub, they were going to a soccer game Yugi told her that Yami was worried about his destiny and had no memory of his past.

On the way to school, Yugi bumped into Bandit Keith , who was possessed by Marik Ishtar and disguised as a fortune-teller. Falling for the disguise, Yugi reluctantly let him hold the Millennium Puzzle in order to read his future.

In his search, Yugi followed a series of arrows, although he knew it was a trap, he felt that he had no other choice. Yugi caught-up with Keith, who had the Puzzle bolted to a wall.

Yugi was unable to switch to Yami during the Duel and quickly realized that Bandit Keith was his opponent after seeing he used a Machine Deck.

Yami Bakura sensed an evil presence and pinpointed it to the Duel. Keith struggled to resist being repossessed, but Marik took control long enough to have Keith smash the Puzzle.

Bakura swung down from a rope, knocking Keith unconscious. Bakura then collected a piece of the Puzzle and sealed a fragment of his soul inside it , before returning it to Yugi.

Keith regained consciousness and continued to struggle with Marik's mind control, setting fire to the warehouse in his confusion. Unable to remove the piece of the Puzzle connected to the wall, Yugi stayed in the burning building to reassemble it.

After inserting the last piece he collapsed and goes unconscious from the heat , but was rescued by Tristan and Joey and was taken to the hospital.

Worrying about how the Puzzle almost got stolen, Yugi took time to talk with Yami and discovered that Yami has no idea of who he once was, as he has lost all his memories.

The duo suspected that their new enemy is in possession of a Millennium Item. However Yugi explained that while "Dark Magician" is powerful, " Maha Vailo " better suits him, as it's not the strongest card, but it had hidden power.

He would have liked to have picked "Dark Magician", but thought it's better suited to the other Yugi. The day before the tournament, Yugi and Joey picked-up their Duel Disks in order to compete [58] and the next morning Yugi finished reconstructing his Deck for the tournament.

Yugi noticed his robes were the same as the ones Bandit Keith wore, while he was possessed. Seeker refused to face Joey again, but challenges Yugi to a Duel.

Marik then used Seeker as his puppet to communicate with Yugi. He introduced himself, told Yugi how he's after the power of the pharaoh and warned him that there are more deadly Rare Hunters.

Yugi offered Joey back the "Red-Eyes", but Joey refused, saying he will wait until he's a true Duelist before earning it back. Yugi was lured into a tent by a harlequin and confronted by the Rare Hunter, Arkana.

As Yami Yugi, he faced Arkana in a Duel, where the loser's feet got cut off by a buzzsaw. In the dub, they got sent to the Shadow Realm by energy disks.

At the canal side, while Yugi spoke with Yami about recent happenings they were confronted by another Rare Hunter, Strings. Kaiba, who had appeared during the Duel challenged Yugi to a Duel on the spot, but Marik warned Yugi that he was going to take control of Joey.

Yugi declined Kaiba's challenge as he had to find and save his friend. Each player had their ankles chained to an anchor, which would drag them underwater to drown after the timer reaches 0.

The only way for either player to save themself was to defeat their opponent, which would open a box, giving them a key. Through talking to Joey and using "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" to remind him of his promise to become a true Duelist and even giving him the Millennium Puzzle, Yugi managed to get Joey's subconsciousness to ignore Marik's commands.

With Joey back to normal, Yugi told Marik that he was the true loser of this Duel. Yugi let his Life Points fall to 0 and collapsed, releasing Joey's key.

Using the chain, Joey swung to Yugi's side of the field and grabbed his key, before the anchor dragged them both down. He unlocked Yugi, who floated to the surface and was brought ashore by Tristan.

Serenity dove in with the other key to save Joey. Joey later apologized and returned the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi thanked Yami for trusting in him and Yami said that Yugi has taught him the strength behind kindness and that one day Yugi will surpass him in every way.

Afterwards Mai gave Yugi and his friends a lift to the finals. Yugi was suspicious of the finalist Marik, who is under the guise "Namu", and Bakura, who should be in the hospital.

Shortly after Odion Ishtar , pretending to be Marik arrived, everyone boarded the blimp, where the finals took place.

As Yugi prepared for the finals in his room, he added "Slifer the Sky Dragon" to his Deck, thinking he was going to need it to face Marik.

He also suspected Bakura had come into contact with the Millennium Ring again. Yugi's suspicions were confirmed as they faced Yami Bakura.

However Yami Bakura disagreed with Marik's plan and took control of Bakura's body. He invited Yugi to attack him, refusing to let his host die.

Yugi won the Duel, knocking Bakura unconscious and in leaving him need of medical attention. During the intermission before the next Duel, Yugi unsuccessfully tried to get Kaiba to make an emergency stop to take Bakura to a doctor.

Yugi went back to his room and began examining his Deck. He was interrupted by Shadi , who told him how the Egyptian God Cards were created and why he must stop Marik from getting his hands on them.

Joey defeated Odion, who was still pretending to be Marik and exposed him as a fake. Subsequently Namu was exposed as the real Marik and Yami Marik took control of his body.

Marik confronted Yugi, saying the battle for the Pharaoh's power had just begun. After losing to Kaiba, Ishizu Ishtar told Yugi of the Ishtar family's history and gave him the Millennium Necklace , as he was going to need all seven Millennium Items to recover the Pharaoh's memories.

They discovered he was Dueling with Marik and saw him lose shortly after they arrived. The Battle City blimp got sucked into a mechanical fortress in the sea, by Noah Kaiba.

For that they hate Yugi and his friends for helping Kaiba. Having Kaiba as a common enemy, Noah uploaded their minds into his computer system.

Using an altered form of Duel Monsters , they planned to face the gang in order to claim possession of their bodies, so that they may exist in the real world.

The group were then transported to a virtual jungle, where they are given a demonstration of the Deck Master rules. Yugi was transported to a pond, where he was faced by Gansley , who had taken the form of " Deepsea Warrior ".

Shortly afterwards, Yugi collapsed so Yami took back control and won the Duel. The Yugis entered a hallway afterwards. Yami drew the Level Star of the door to Yugi's attention, so Yugi Summoned a monster of a higher Level, " Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress " and has it launch an attack into the doorway.

They entered the doorway and wound up repeating the same process [80] Realizing it was because they keep choosing the Level 1 door, they started attacking different Levels.

Together they walked though the ice region and entered a door, taking them to a courtroom, where Joey was Dueling Johnson.

Yugi correctly suspected that Johnson had rigged the outcome of Joey's luck based cards. Although Noah attempted to disqualify Johnson, Joey insisted that they continue with the game unrigged.

They briefly met up with Kaiba and Mokuba, but were attacked by Nezbitt in possession of Tristan's body. The real Tristan in the body of a robot monkey helped them fight the imposter.

However Nezbitt kidnapped Mokuba and Kaiba took off after him, leaving the others think about what to do with the monkey, not knowing it was Tristan.

The group took a pick-up truck to go after Kaiba. On the way, they found out the monkey was Tristan after he accidentally flipped a switch, allowing him to speak normally.

The others tried to follow, but the tunnel disappeared, before they could enter. Yugi found a picture of Kaiba's father, Gozaburo , with Noah, shortly before meeting up with Kaiba again.

Noah then showed the three of them a projection of the past, where Gozaburo showed Noah a picture of Seto, who Noah had to be able to compete with in order to run KaibaCorp.

Yugi and Joey teamed-up to Duel them in order to win back Tristan's body. Since Noah designed the robot monkey, Yugi and his friends searched it for clues.

Yugi pushed a red button, which transported them to a virtual Kaiba Land. From there the gang took a handcar through a subway and wound up on the scene of Noah and Seto Kaiba's Duel.

Noah won and turned Seto and Mokuba to stone. This caused Yugi to get mad and change to Yami, who accused Noah of foul play, as he had used Mokuba as a shield to help him win.

Yugi then offered Yami support and took him to his soul room. Inside he brought Yami to a room containing his recent memories, where everyone, who had been turned to stone offered their support.

Back in virtual reality, Yami imagined Yugi's friends giving him the cards drawn by " Card of Sanctity ". After the Duel, Noah attempted to steal Yugi's body and escape to the real world, but the power of the Millennium Puzzle forced him back.

After Noah found out that Gozaburo had been using him, he tried to help everyone escape the virtual world and took them to a virtual Domino City. The group got separated and met-up again, minus the Kaibas.

Gozaburo had monsters attack Yugi and his friends as they looked for a way out, but Yugi and Joey fought them off by Summoning monsters from their Decks.

Noah, having stolen Mokuba's body and escaped to the real world, organized a missile attack to destroy the fortress, including the servers for the virtual world.

After having a change of heart, he contacted the group and explained that they must get out out quickly before the virtual world is destroyed. Noah told them to go the arcade.

Yugi complied and went to the KaibaCorp building, catching Seto shortly after he beat Gozaburo in a Duel. Gozaburo took the form of a monster and chased the two.

Noah instructed them to jump off the building. With no other option they complied and awoke in the real world, before hitting the ground.

Yugi, Kaiba and Mokuba ran to escape the fortress before the missile strike and were helped onto the moving blimp by Joey and Tristan, shortly before the fortress got destroyed.

Yugi switched to Yami Yugi for the Battle Royal to determine match-ups [95] and wound up with Kaiba as his opponent. Yugi tried to stop Joey from Dueling Marik.

However Yami reminded him that Joey accepted the Duel knowing it would be a Shadow Game and nobody can stop such a game.

Yugi worried for Joey and wondered if there was something they could do to help. However Yami assured Yugi that this was Joey's fight and he can win with their support.

He said that he won't lose Joey to the Shadow Realm. Later at Joey's bedside, he begged for him not to die.

Yugi blamed himself, saying that he should have Dueled Marik instead. Out in the hallway, Yugi cried more and considered stopping Dueling, but Yami convinced him that they must not give-up and let Marik win.

Yami got the idea to use the Millennium Necklace to see what happens. He and Yugi then used it to look into the future, where they saw Yami and Joey preparing to Duel.

Yugi Dueled Kaiba in the second semi-final as Yami Yugi. Yugi and Yami gained Kaiba's " Obelisk the Tormentor " card through the ante rule.

Yugi and Yami watched Joey Duel Kaiba in a third place play-off. They both agreed that Joey was a great Duelist and would have defeated Marik, had their Duel not been turned into a Shadow Game.

Yami Marik and Yami Yugi's final Duel was a Shadow Game, where the regular Yugi and Marik were drawn from their bodies and floated next to them in spirit form.

Yugi and Marik were bound by their wrists and ankles in darkness and parts of their bodies disappeared as their "Yami" selves lost Life Points.

In the 4kids version, they were gradually being swallowed into the Shadow Realm. If Yami Yugi lost, Yugi would vanish and the Pharaoh would cease to exist as he required the physical body of a host to maintain himself.

Yugi encouraged Yami throughout the Duel. He even urged Yami to pay Life Points to keep "Fiend's Sanctuary" active, knowing it would make part of his body disappear.

He no longer blamed the Yugis for his father's death. In the dub, Marik said not to worry about protecting him, he wants to defeat his dark side at all costs.

Yugi was certain that Yami Marik was going to fuse with " The Winged Dragon of Ra " a second time in the Duel and reminded Yami Yugi that if he does that again, he will become a monster and have the weakness of a Monster Card.

With that in mind, Yami Yugi managed to use " Ragnarok ", which would destroy "Ra". As Yugi wondered if this would cause the good Marik to disappear, Odion appeared.

The Yugis continued to use the effect of "Ragnarok", which destroyed Ra and caused Marik and Yami Marik to switch places.

With only 1 Life Point left, only Yami Marik's eye remained. Marik then surrendered causing Yami Marik to disappear and Yugi to win the Duel.

As the host, Kaiba congratulated Yugi for winning. In the dub, he added that Yugi only won because Marik surrendered.

Marik informed Yugi that with his dark side gone, the souls of Mai and Bakura should be released and gave him "The Winged Dragon of Ra" due to the ante rule.

Marik then showed Yugi the hieroglyphics carved on his back, explaining that the secret of the Pharaoh's power is written there, and whoever holds the three Egyptian God Cards can unlock that secret.

Kaiba announced that he was going to blow-up the Duel Tower and gave everyone an hour to evacuate. Yugi and his friends returned to the Battle Ship and found that Mai and Bakura were okay, but there was no sign of the Kaiba brothers on the blimp.

At sunrise, the Yugis met Joey at the plaza for a final Duel to conclude their Battle City adventure. Between classes, Yami took control of Yugi's body and skipped out of school to go to the museum , with Egyptian God Cards to uncover his memories.

Yugi asked why they were going alone. Yami replied that it would be too depressing to say goodbye and just wants Yugi to see him off.

In the dub, there was no mention of why they were going alone. Instead Yami said that he felt the Egyptain God Cards pulling him to the museum.

Inside Yami held the Egyptian God cards up to the tablet, but something held him back. The group heard a scream and dashed outside, finding a large number of living Duel Monsters in the city.

Suspecting the Duel Monsters appearing was caused by Kaiba's holographic technology , they went to KaibaCorp , but were unable to get past a crowd of reporters.

Later at the Kame Game, as Yugi and his friends watched Kaiba on TV explaining that he wasn't responsible, there was a break-in and the Egyptian God cards were stolen by motorcyclists from Doma.

They quickly rushed outside and saw the Gods appear in the city. Yugi wondered who could have Summoned them as only someone with a connection to the Millennium Items can Summon the Egyptian Gods.

The thieves then appeared before them, demanding that Yugi follow them if he wants to get the God cards back. Yugi changed to Yami and wound up Dueling one of them, Gurimo.

Gurimo used the soul stealing card " The Seal of Orichalcos " and was even able to Summon " Obelisk the Tormentor " through its power. Afterwards Yugi took his necklace containing a fragment of the Orichalcos stone.

As a reward for his victory, Rafael released the souls of Rex and Weevil , which Gurimo had previously captured using "The Seal of Orichalcos".

Rex and Weevil pretended to agree to help them, but secretly planned on getting the God cards for themselves. After leaving Rex and Weevil, Yugi and his friends met Rebecca Hawkins , who claimed that Yugi is now her boyfriend and took them to the museum to see her grandfather Arthur.

He also showed them photos from what he believed was Atlantis , showing carvings of Duel Monsters, proving that the origins of Duel Monsters dates back further than in the dub years in Egypt to at least years ago in Atlantis.

Arthur told them that he believes there is a parallel dimension where Duel Monsters are real. Since the pharaoh saved the world the last time people conjured these monsters, Arthur believes Yugi is to save the world this time, since the pharaoh has been reborn in him.

Not certain what to do next, Yugi gave Arthur the stone he had taken from Gurimo for him to test. Outside the museum, to Yugi's embarrassment, Rebecca gave him a kiss before leaving.

Shortly before leaving himself, Yugi thought that he heard someone calling for help, but couldn't see them anywhere. As Yugi went to sleep that night, he heard the voice calling for help again.

The Millennium Puzzle activated and the two Yugis were sent to the chamber inside the Millennium Puzzle. They heard the voice calling for help again and searched to see if they could find who it was.

They eventually found Kuriboh , who led them to a room they'd never been to before. They heard the voice again and followed it, causing them to be transported through a vortex to the Duel Monsters Spirit World.

Yugi and Yami found themselves hovering above a castle. They flew down into it and met Dark Magician Girl , who told them that both worlds were in danger.

She explained that the two worlds rely on each other for survival, but now a gateway has been opened between the two worlds and the great beast , who feeds on the life force of humans and spirits will consume them all.

Yugi and Yami agreed to help them, so Dark Magician Girl took them to three dragons trapped in crystal. According to legend, three warriors should be able to free them.

Believing Yugi to be one of the warriors, she instructed the Yugis to remove a sword from one of the dragons.

Yugi and Yami pulled the sword out, freeing the dragon, Timaeus. Yugi woke-up in his bed shortly afterwards.

He saw a strange light phenomenon trapping monsters outside. He ran to the plaza to see what it was and met his friends there.

The monsters were absorbed into a crystal, which shattered, revealing an eye, which shot a twister at Yugi. Using it, Yugi Summoned Timaues to attack and destroy the eye.

The Dark Magician Girl then appeared next to Yugi and informed him that the battle is just beginning. While showing his friends the card, Yugi received a package from Industrial Illusions , containing a videotape and the card, " Illusion's Key ".

He was initially reluctant to watch the video, remembering the last one Pegasus sent him. After deducing Pegasus can't seal souls, since he no longer has the Millennium Eye , Yugi and his friends watched the tape.

Pegasus offered some explanation for the recent events, but since it was too risky to leave the information on tape, he asked Yugi to meet him in person and arranged a jet for Yugi and his friends to come to California and bring the "Illusion's Key" with them.

The group took the plane to San Francisco, where a limousine was provided to take them to the Industrial Illusions headquarters.

However the limousine took the group to a desert and the driver abandoned them at a gas station. Mai also escaped on her motorbike and drove away.

The limousine broke down, while still in the desert, leaving Yugi and his friends stranded. When the group finally at the Industrial Illusions headquarters, they were locked in by Mai, who revealed that she was with Doma and had captured Pegasus' soul in a "The Seal of Orichalcos" card, before challenging Joey to a Duel.

Yugi and his friends were then joined by Duke, Rex, Weevil and Kaiba. Using the card " Illusion's Key ", Yugi was able to open a secret room, where they encountered a holographic recording of Pegasus.

Pegasus told them about Doma's involvement in historical events and told Yugi where to find an exclusive card, he would need later.

They found the card, " Legend of Heart ", albeit blank at the time, within the room. Although, Kaiba decided not to stick with Yugi and his friends, they correctly guessed that he had the other Legendary Dragon , " Fang of Critias ".

Duke gave the gang a lift to Arthur Hawkins' house to look for clues on what to do next. By the time they got there, Arthur had been kidnapped and the house was blown-up.

Rebecca flung herself around Yugi and explained what happened. The group went into Arthur's mobile home and discussed what happened.

Rebecca returned the Orichalcos stone, Yugi had lent to Arthur. While the others prepared something to eat, Yugi and Rebecca stepped outside to talk.

Rebecca showed Yugi a card and note from Rafael she found after the explosion. Rafael's note told Yugi to come alone to Death Valley.

In the dub, it told Yugi to go there if he wanted to see Arthur again. Later that night, Yugi borrowed Rebecca's horse, Copernicus , to go there.

Yugi was relieved when Rafael said that he had no intention of playing "The Seal of Orichalcos" in this Duel. Yugi urged Yami not to use that card, no matter what happens and Yami agreed.

However, they reached a point where Yami felt he was going to lose unless he played the Seal. Despite Yugi's objections, Yami played it and Yugi's spirit form left him alone.

Yugi was unable to contact Yami for the rest of the Duel, as he was trapped behind the Seal. He unsuccessfully tried pleading with him to not sacrifice his monsters, including " Dark Magician Girl ", whom they made a promise with.

Yami went on to lose the Duel and was about to lose his soul to "The Seal of Orichalcos". Using the power of the Millennium Puzzle , Yugi broke the seal that was holding him back and appeared next to Yami again.

Since "The Seal of Orichalcos" only takes one soul, Yugi pushed Yami aside and let the seal take him instead. Yami traveled to the Stone Wilderness , where spirits both good and evil roam, in the hopes of contacting Yugi.

He managed to find Yugi and apologized for what happened. Without Yugi, Yami said the darkness inside him is starting to grow. He was afraid that Rafael might be right that he is evil and feared getting his memories This maybe false because, he was manipulated easily by Rafael's words to be a lie from Dartz only to get his soul or being influenced by the Orichalcos itself.

Yugi reminded Yami that he has been locked away. Yami tried apologizing again, but Yugi said that he didn't want his pity. Yugi asked if Yami only came here to demoralize himself.

In the dub, he said if Yami truly is evil, there's only one thing to do. Yugi knew that he would have to Duel Yami sooner or later and if Yami's heart has become dark or engulfed in the darkest abyss, Yami shall lose.

In the dub, Yugi said that Yami doesn't deserve to be a part of this world and must pay for what he has done. Yami reluctantly accepted the Duel.

Both Yugi's drew the same cards in the same order, so Yugi used " Sangan " to shuffle his Deck and " Card Destruction " to reset their hands.

Yami stated that the Duel was meaningless. However Yugi explained that Yami's weakness is the darkness in his heart, he is arrogant and warped by his sense of pride.

With only one value, it's impossible for Yami to see other people's pain. This explanation is removed from the dub.

Yugi used it and proceeded to use the same strategy Yami used against Rafael, sacrificing his monsters to win. Yami realized that this is what he looked like in the Duel against Rafael warped by his own psychological disruption and descends into his own darkest abyss.

He refused to lose, as it would prevent him from saving Yugi and two worlds will eventually be destroyed. But, Yugi only sees Yami, who never cared about anyone's suffering because his pride got in the way and proceeds with monster sacrifice that it is thanks to Yami's recklessness that he can use this strategy to exact his own vengeance.

He managed to counter Yugi's strategy with " Divine Wind " and win. Yugi was pleased that Yami won and said that in defeating him, Yami defeated the darkness in his heart and Orichalcos influence that corrupted him meaning that Yugi planned this all along and was never under the influence of the evil card.

Before disappearing again, he urged Yami not to give up and said that he will always be with him. When Kaiba tried destroying them, he instead caused their helmets to break, revealing that they had taken the form of people whose souls had been lost to "The Seal of Orichalcos", including Yugi, Joey, Mai and Pegasus.

Dartz claimed that destroying the Tokens would result in destroying their souls. Yami refused to attack any of the Tokens as it would risk killing his friends.

Kaiba was convinced nothing would happen if the Tokens were destroyed and attacked the Joey one, but the Yugi one used his effect to block the attack at the cost of his shield.

Yami was given another opportunity to destroy the Tokens. He was reluctant, but Yugi insisted that Yami attack and not worry about him, as he has a more important mission to focus on.

In the dub, Yugi said that he would be fine. However, Yami still refused to attack. Eventually Kaiba got the opportunity to destroy the Tokens.

Yami tried to stop him, but Yugi insisted that he would be fine and Kaiba continued. Yugi's soul was trapped in a bubble being sucked into The Great Leviathan.

The souls of people, who were recently taken by "The Seal of Orichalcos", floated in bubbles near him. Yami informed Yugi that the knights had freed him and Dartz had disappeared into a vortex after the Duel.

Roland alerted Yugi, Kaiba and their friends about Atlantis rising from the sea. Yugi, Kaiba and Joey opted to travel through the vortex Dartz used, suspecting it would take them to Atlantis to face him.

Inside the temple where the Duel took place, the Millennium Puzzle started to glow and led Yugi to the location of the Egyptian God cards.

However they were powerless as Dartz had already sucked their energy into the leviathan. Yugi caught up with Joey and Kaiba and returned their Legendary Dragon cards before the three stepped into the vortex.

The trio emerged on Atlantis and Yugi switched to Yami. They found that Dartz had left his body and combined with The Great Leviathan, to compensate for not getting the souls of the chosen Duelists.

However the leviathan's tendrils pulled the three chosen Duelists inside it. Yugi appeared next to Yami and suggested that they might be able to fight back by calling to the other people trapped inside.

Taking Yugi's advice, Yami called on everyone else to focus on the light in their hearts and pass that strength onto him. Using it he Summoned the Egyptian Gods and freed the chosen Duelists from the leviathan.

Thinking the Gods might need his help, Yami returned control of Yugi's body to Yugi and flew up to the Gods in spirit form.

Yugi cheered for Yami as he watched him and the Gods battle and defeat the Leviathan. Yami returned to Yugi back on Atlantis just as it started to sink.

As Yugi was about to leave through the vortex after Joey and Kaiba, Yami called him back and the duo were confronted by Dartz and The Great Leviathan in a smaller form.

After Timaeus failed to destroy the leviathan, Yami advised Yugi to run, but Yugi refused to leave and helped Yami argue against Dartz's ideology.

The Leviathan turned into a black whirlwind and surrounded Yami. Focusing on that the leviathan disappeared.

Yugi and Yami saw that Dartz's evil side was now gone as was accompanied by Ironheart , Chris and Skye.

Ironheart and Chris thanked the Yugis and told them to return through the portal where a new future was waiting for them. Yugi washed-up on a shoreline afterwards, where they were greeted by Dark Magician Girl and the Legendary Knights, who thanked them for their help.

Yugi's friends, who had escaped Dartz's temple in Kaiba's helicopter, flew down to greet him, relieved that he had survived. The winner of the tournament would face Yugi Muto in an attempt to claim his title as the world Duel Monsters champion.

On the opening day, while Yugi and his friends are watching a Duel between Rick and the KC DuelTek , a hacker traps all the Duelists and spectators inside the makeshift electronic stadium.

The CPU opponent level has been altered to its highest of difficulty, and the only way for everyone to escape is to defeat the CPU in a Duel.

Yugi transforms into Yami and takes over, using " Heart of the Underdog "—a card Yugi had given Rick—and combined it with the effects of " Spirit Ryu " to win and free everyone.

Yugi didn't Duel much in this season. He cheered for Joey and Rebecca throughout the tournament. Yami faced Leon von Schroeder , who assumed the alias Leon Wilson, in the finals.

Leon acted differently during the Title Bout and Yugi discovered that Leon only wanted to Duel and defeat him to earn the respect of his family that Zigfried couldn't earn in his youth.

Leon played an illegal card, " Golden Castle of Stromberg ", that forced Yugi to discard half the cards in his Deck with every passing turn that Leon took and also infected a virus into the KaibaCorp computer system.

Yami figures out a weakness in the card; He couldn't discard half the Cards in his Deck, having only 1 card left.

He was able to destroy it and nullify the virus. Yugi suffered nightmares, including one where he found himself in a template and spotted Yami Yugi wearing Duel Armor.

In the dream, Yami was attacked and picked up by Seven-Armed Fiend. Yugi demanded that Seven-Armed Fiend let his friend go and asked who he was.

Seven-Armed Fiend replied that he would learn in good time, as soon as he joins "the game". Yugi then woke up, as he fell out of the bed and noticed the Millennium Puzzle glowing strangely.

One morning, Yugi noticed his grandfather, Solomon , had not returned from an expedition despite being due home the previous night.

However the plane suffered engine difficulties while flying over a forest and crash landed. Everyone on board survived and the pilot sent a distress signal.

They happened upon Alex Brisbane lying unconscious. After waking him up and giving him water, Yugi noticed Alex had Solomon's bandanna.

Alex asked if Yugi was Solomon's grandson and said that he was a colleague of Solomon, who disappeared on their latest exhibition.

He found it highly improbable for the events leading to them finding the last person who saw Solomon to have happened by chance. Alex brought Yugi and his friends to the Pyramid of Alexander , unorthodoxly located outside of Egypt.

He navigated them past the pyramid's traps to where he last saw Solomon. A giant map was located on the floor near where Alex found Solomon's bandanna.

Despite Yugi's warnings, Joey began to quickly search the room for Solomon and disappeared after stepping on the map.

As Yugi observed the map, he noticed how it spanned various land types and thought something seemed familiar about that. Alex said that his research indicated the pyramid housed an ancient game, which Yugi realized would have been the source of his grandfather's interest.

Yugi decided that he must follow Joey to try and rescue him and Solomon. Yugi noticed some capsules scattered throughout the area and wondered if there was something inside.

Before he could examine one, he and his friends were chased by a trio of Gokibore , which Yugi recognized as monsters from the Capsule Monsters board game.

While running, he got separated from his friends after they encountered Kamakiriman. Yugi escaped by jumping into a body of water However Kamakiriman approached him again later and Yugi switched to Yami Yugi , who inadvertently released Celtic Guardian from a capsule.

Celtic Guardian defeated Kamakiriman in battle and the Yugis noticed the similarities between the battle and the Capsule Monsters board game and concluded that had entered the World of Capsule Monsters.

Yami Yugi wound up in battle with a Trent , calling Celtic Guardian to his defense. Yugi was surprised by how ineffective a direct attack from Celtic Guardian proved on Trent.

He and Yami then deduced that Trent's Wood element was allowing it to be strengthened, while in the forest, like in the Capsule Monsters board game.

The Yugis and Celtic Guardian then became surrounded as more trees in the area revealed themselves to be more Trents.

While Yami and Celtic Guardian were pinned to the ground, Yugi spotted another capsule. Yami was unable to reach it, but Yugi suggested Celtic Guardian could help.

Celtic Guardian threw his sword, cutting the branch that Trent was using to hold Yami. Yami released Hinotama Soul from the capsule, whose Fire element allowed it to easily defeat the Trents.

Before heading to Egypt to finally unlock the pharaoh's memories, Yugi wanted to learn as much as he could. He asked his Grandpa to tell him about his adventure where he recovered the Millennium Puzzle from the Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh.

He was sad to hear that Grandpa didn't know the way back to the tomb, but Grandpa advised him to stay away from there. Obsessed with the Egyptian God cards, Grandpa pleaded with Yugi to leave them with him rather than return them.

Yugi reminded him how the pharaoh was going to need them and Grandpa apologized. Before saying goodnight, Grandpa said that his own adventure was over and assured Yugi that he is the only one with the power to help the pharaoh recover everything he has lost.

Holding the legacy of the pharaoh is no small task, he said and advised Yugi to take every challenge like he faces a game.

As Yugi slept, he dreamed he was talking with Yami, reflecting on how meeting each other had changed their lives. Yugi was woken-up as he heard Rex and Weevil breaking in to steal the Egyptian God cards.

They took a bag, not knowing it also contained the Millennium Items , and Yugi ran after them. By the time Yugi caught up, they had been knocked unconscious by Yami Bakura , who had taken back the Millennium Ring.

He tried to assure Yugi that they had the same goal; to bring the seven Millennium Items to the Millennium Stone. Taking control of Yugi's body, Yami ordered Bakura to stop poisoning Yugi's mind.

Before parting, Bakura said that in order to solve the riddle of the pharaoh's memory, they will play the ultimate Shadow Game. He told them that they didn't have to come, but they insisted that they wouldn't miss this for the world.

At the airport in Egypt, Yugi and is friends were greeted by Ishizu , Marik and Odion Ishtar , who brought them to an underground cavern in the desert, where the stone tablets from the museum had been relocated.

As Yami held the Egyptian God cards up to the tablet, his spirit was sucked out of Yugi's body and into the Memory World.

The portion of Yami Bakura's soul that had secretly been sealed in the Millennium Puzzle was also sucked into the Memory World, taking the rest of Yami Bakura's spirit, from Bakura , with it.

Yugi reported that Yami was no longer present in his heart or the Puzzle. Shadi appeared and confirmed that the pharaoh had left Yugi.

He informed them that the pharaoh has gone to a world of his memories, which was created years ago from the Pharaoh's experiences.

Shadi explained that they must go through a doorway in the Millennium Puzzle to get there. Using the Millennium Key , Shadi brought the four them inside the Puzzle, where they began searching the labyrinth for the right door.

Yugi and company searched the inside of the Puzzle for a long time, but to no avail. Behind one of the doors they found Yami Bakura who turned into a monster and attacked them.

After escaped Shadi informed them that that was the pharaoh's enemy in his true form. Sine the maze reflected the pharaoh's heart, Yugi eventually started to feel it tremble as Yami was in danger.

In the dub, the temperature changed as the pharaoh's emotions changed. Yugi realized that rather than calling for the pharaoh, they needed to wait for the pharaoh to call to them, so he got everyone to sit together and concentrate.

This caused to labyrinth to open a door to the Memory World. Despite looking out of place, no one took any notice of them.

They quickly learned that other people could not see them, and that trying to touch solid matter resulted in their phasing through it.

The group found Bobasa , who like them could't be seen by most other people, but unlike them was able to touch objects. Chasing Bobasa led them to find Priest Seto saving Kisara.

Recognizing him as the guy who looked like Kaiba from the tablet, they knew he worked for the pharaoh and followed him to the palace. Unlike other objects, they found that they couldn't phase through the palace gates.

Bobasa reappeared and offered to help them. The five of them fell asleep outside the palace until the gates finally opened as the pharaoh chased Thief Bakura on horseback, accompanied by the monster Ka Diabound and Slifer the Sky Dragon respectively.

They were happy to find that the pharaoh could see them, as he asked Yugi in surprise if it was really him. By taking the pharaoh's hand, Yugi was able to give him some of his strength, enabling him to Summon The Winged Dragon of Ra to battle Bakura's Diabound.

Yugi's friends briefly encountered Thief Bakura before being called by Bobasa to hide. There they found Mana , who was able to see them and mistook Yugi for the pharaoh.

While Pegasus restores the stolen souls, Yugi gives Jonouchi the prize money for the medical treatment of his sister, Shizuka Kawai.

Some time after Pegasus' tournament, Dark Yugi learns from a woman named Ishizu Ishtar that he was once a Pharaoh but his memory was erased during a conflict.

Shortly after this, Kaiba announces his own tournament — Battle City — where every loser in the competition has to give the winner their most valuable card.

A group of hunters led by Ishizu's corrupted younger brother, Malik, are set to challenge Yugi, having a vendetta against the Pharaoh.

In one duel, Yugi is faced by Osiris, the Sky Dragon: one of the three Egyptian God Cards which are recognized as the three strongest cards.

Yugi defeats Marik's hunter and earns Osiris. He later uses it to defeat Yami Bakura and once again to confront Kaiba in a rematch, as his rival uses the second God Card: Obelisk the Tormentor.

Yugi defeats Kaiba and obtains Obelisk. Using a card Kaiba previously passed him, Yugi defeats Marik, obtains Ra and becomes the tournament's champion.

During the final story arc of the manga, Dark Yugi uses the three God Cards to learn of his past. He is transported to an alternate version of his life where he lived as a Pharaoh.

During this time, the Pharaoh clashes against Yami Bakura multiple times while Yugi and his friends search for a way to aid him.

The group is able to defeat Zorc and his avatar, Dark Bakura. Yako Tenma, student and adopted son of Maximillion Pegasus , decides to avenge his teacher's defeat at the hands of Yugi, believing him to be responsible for Pegasus' alleged death.

He is also present Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters where Yugi goes with his friends to find the missing Solomon Moto. In their journey, Yugi realizes that somehow they have been transported into the world of Capsule Monsters.

The film Yu-Gi-Oh! However, the latter has been used by an ancient being known as Anubis who aims to kill the Pharaoh.

Yugi's next appearance is in the movie Yu-Gi-Oh! In Yu-Gi-Oh! They are antagonized by Kaiba who wishes to face the Pharaoh who has left to the afterlife.

Nevertheless, in the final duel the Pharaoh makes a brief appearance to assist Yugi in defeating the corrupted Aigami.

The video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories follows the Pharaoh's daily life in Egypt until he is sealed into the Millennium Puzzle.

Yugi inherits the puzzle and gathers each Millennium item which allows the Pharaoh to deal with his enemies until he keeps peace in his world.

When they enter the game they soon find themselves trapped within it, and they must summon the help of the game's characters and monsters in order to defeat the game's villain, Emperor Heishin, and ultimately stop the plans of the game's designer, Scott Irvine, to control the three Egyptian God cards.

Duel Links also uses Yami Yugi as a playable character. As the protagonist and franchise mascot [15] of one of the most popular anime of all time, [16] [17] [18] Yugi is considered to be an iconic character in animation, [19] often compared to characters like Ash Ketchum for serving as a figurehead in popularizing anime to a wider audience, as well as corresponding merchandise to people outside of Japan.

Critical reception to Yugi and Atem has been mixed. In the book Manga: The Complete Guide , Jason Thompson noted that while Yugi and his friends often end up in complicated situations during the series' first chapters, the portrayal of Yami might come across as negative due to his actions.

During later episodes, however, Thompson viewed Yami as an admirable "super hero". Ladd said that Yugi and Yami become more developed as characters during the introduction of card games, which are important to the setting, to the series.

THEM Anime Reviews criticized Yugi's characterization and design in 4Kids ' adaptation of the manga's second anime series; the website cited the character as a stereotype.

The origins of the Pharaoh and his relationship with the priest Seto, Kaiba's previous life, were also praised. Critics have also commented upon Yugi's role in the movies based on the franchise.

DVD Talk found Yugi's troubled situation as Duel Monsters' champion as an annoyance due to its execution but still felt young children should be warmed of it.

IGN, however, wrote that although Yugi appears to be the movie's main character, he is overshadowed by Kaiba. Green's performance as the holographic Pharaoh was praised and the regular Yugi's rivalry with Kaiba received a positive response.

Takahashi and Mike Mignola , the creator of Hellboy , participated in an art exchange in which Takahashi drew Hellboy with Yugi's hairstyle, a Millennium Puzzle, and a duel disk, and Mignola drew Hellboy wearing a Millennium Puzzle and a Yugi T-shirt.

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